Ly Hour Leasing Plc. prepares the traditional Trot Dancing for the company in preparation for better success

In the morning of April 9th, 2019, Ly Hour Leasing Plc. organized a traditional Trot Dancing to pass the old year from moving into the New Year, as well as getting ready for Khmer New Year coming soon. Through this Trot Dance, Ly Hour Leasing Plc. Wish for Blessings, prosperity, and for all Cambodians people during the Khmer New Year.

#about Trot Dance

Trot Dancing is a type of traditional ritual dance that is often performed during Khmer New Year. Trot Dancing is a traditional dance that is still found in Siem Reap and sometimes found in Battambang, in some of the provinces in the north of Siem Reap province. This kind of dance is only played during Khmer New Year, as there are many reports about the members of the traditional pagoda saying that it was played to give a blessing to the locals on the occasion of the New Year.  The name of Trot, which originates from Sanskrit, means “to break or cut off” refers to the break of a year or the break of an old year into a new year, which is still in the name of a ceremony called ” Treus Sangkran”. According to a Khmer folk dance book.


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